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 1.   Where Shall We Begin

 2.   The Little Guy 

 3.   For Sure Mama

 4.   An Unbelievable Mansion

 5.   Singin' Stars and Stripes

 6.   Back Home Again - But Not Indiana

 7.   Begin The Cosmos Dance

 8.   I Do!! And Both Said Life Changed

 9.   TCB – Taking Care Who and What??

10.   Lookout Mountain

11.   Elvis Has Left The …

12.   This Time You Gave Me a Mountain

13.   Not Without a Price

14.   Inspired Inscriptions

15.   Proof Of The Pudding

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Was David’s slaying of Goliath a lucky shot, or the precursor to a destiny, as of that time, yet unfulfilled?  Many would reduce Presley’s impact on the 20th century to a mere smearing of lipstick on the face of adoring fans during the mid 1950’s, a time when gasoline was 12 cents a gallon, a double-feature movie was 50 cents, and the long-haired new hipsters -- Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis,  Elvis Presley --  all recorded for the fledgling Sun record label in Memphis, Tennessee.  In 1955, it was a toss up as to whom would make the biggest mark on the world of the then coming new music.  But by the end of 1957, he no longer could even tour, the crowds too large and uncontrollable, and Elvis Presley in the twinkling  of an eye had become the most recognizable person in the world.

That he ushered in the most provocative of the ‘new style’ of what New York City disk jockey Alan Freed would later label as ‘rock n roll’ is perhaps not the point.  What is significant is that Elvis slew his Goliath when he left his familiar surroundings and stepped into the office at Sun Records in Memphis to sign on the dotted line.  My friend, the  world has not been the same since.  Truer words were never spoken.

The biography that follows allow you, the reader, to know Elvis Presley in a way that no work before has ever done. Elvis was you and I, with all our graces and shortcomings.  If you read this work in an attempt to step into the shoes of judge, jury, and executioner of a person who truly was a product of his environment, then, without doubt, you will fall short of the blessing this book intends.

The moment I finished and took my fingers off the keyboard, one thought entered my mind:  for all those who love him, they will meet the man, love him more, and find Elvis as a personal friend, after reading this book.

@Heart Lanier Shapre’
August 2003
Las Vegas, NV





What’s It All About

Never before has the truth of Elvis’ seven years of childhood been presented as narrated by James Samuel Denson.  Denson helped raise Elvis as requested by Presley’s mother, Gladys. This story about Elvis Aaron Presley has to be told, as there was a person up there on stage beneath those costumes; a man with hardships during his childhood, personal struggles, adversities, involvement with the FBI, and yet he was a phenomenon of life.

A Brief Description

This book is not about the Elvis you know on stage and screen.  It is the truth about his childhood, youth, and life.  No gossip, no dirt; only the facts.

Despite being an addict, Elvis kept his religious respect and the ways he was taught all those nights in church.  Elvis went out of his way to connect with certain leading singers and religious leaders throughout his life.

This inspired writing serves to give the reader a love and appreciation for the side of Elvis the public may not know until reading this book, as it offers a personal basis that has never been known to the public and his fans.

His poverty stricken life to a famous one of abundance is addressed in the progression it occurred, including all of the pitfalls he faced.  Difficult as it may have been at the time, he still rose to the place of ‘the King,’ and stays there.

You will learn to understand the reasons for the need of drugs and what exactly and surprisingly happened in the end of his physical life.

You will see how he became imprisoned, a victim.  As you walk alongside Elvis, you will become aware of his life from his perspective.

You will not find another book, periodical, or writing anywhere duplicating this authentic information.  As of this writing, the material has not been available.

If you read this work in an attempt to step into the shoes of judge, jury, and executioner of a person truly a product of his environment, without doubt, you will fall short of the blessing this book intends.

Benefits of Reading This Book

What may have shadowed Elvis’ life.

Learning about the experience of being a twin.

How his father took part in the family in his young years.

His original hair color.

His first girlfriends.

How he reacted when attacked and beat up.

What happened when he first dyed his fair and what happened to it.

How many times the Presleys moved to Memphis.

His housing/home when moved to Memphis in 1947.

Who else lived in the first housing.

What church he attended after the final move to Memphis.

The type of home life he had, ages 1-13.

His first taste of mind-altering substance.

One of his first stage appearances and what he sang.

How he felt about his Mother.

Where he learned clarity in the English language.

Where he learned guitar and how to sing.

Local community reaction to his gyrations.

What happened down the alley behind the Gayosa Hotel.

Why he had so many lady friends.

Real reason he went into the Army.

His thoughts when his Mama died.

How he dealt with his Mama’s death.

How he dealt with all of his ups and downs.

What really happened in the last moments.


The Story Behind the Story


The author, Heart Shapre, happened to be in the right place at the right time during an Elvis Convention in Las Vegas when she was approached to write a book about Presley.  Professor and Author Howard DeWitt asked Heart if she would be interested in writing the story of Elvis' childhood, as personally told by James Samuel Denson of Memphis, TN.  The professor led her to the telephone, dialed Mr. Denson, handed the receiver to Heart, and the story began at that moment.


Mr. Denson helped raised Elvis as a child, due to a request by Elvis' mother, Gladys, who felt that her child was not normal.  Denson had a lot to tell and had held this story of truth for over 47 years. How could Heart turn down such a grand offer?


The information was shared by phone and over the course of 10 years, Heart documented all of Denson's stories.  Many coincidences occurred during her research, travel, advice seeking, and prayer, plus collaboration with friends of Elvis, which seemed to magically support her work.  You will find several of these unusual occurrences and experiences in the text of the book.  The story grew awesome and unbelievable at times.


She gained insights into how Elvis developed as person and became the man we seem to know, by learning of his childhood through his eyes.


As Heart says:  The moment I finished and took my fingers off the keyboard, one thought entered my mind. "For all those who love him, they will love him more, and find ELVIS as a personal friend after reading this book." And who isn’t to say that you, too, dear reader, will have an unusual happening concerning Elvis while reading this book.


There is no doubt that AuthorHouse in Bloomington, IN is the right publisher for this writing.  Elvis’ last concert was in Indianapolis, IN on June 26, 1977.  It seemed natural that his story that was to become public would take up where he left off, in Indiana.  Within 2 days after relating this information to the Author Services Representative, Robert Walters, he emailed Heart saying that the books are printed in TENNESSEE. Go figure!!

This mission was not undertaken for monetary reasons.